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07-11-2013 | News

Yekaterinburg meets masters of nail-service!

Modeling and design championship which should to identify best masters in nail-service, will held 13th of November 2013 in Yekaterinburg. This competition will become qualifying round for the NailExpo festival 2014 one of the biggest and prestigious event in nail-business. INES will judge tournament in Yekaterinburg. Judges are waitinf for effective work and creative ideas in nail-art from competitors.

Masters, Juniors and Debutantes are invites to the participating in competition. It's maen that specialists of different professional qualification will have chance to try their luck and skills in honorable tasks. Practitioners could show themselves in next nominations:

- "Nails modeling by acryl technology"
- "Nails modeling by gel technology"
- "MixMedia". The theme is "Unexpected adventures"
- "Painting on nails"
- "Salon's nails modeling"

The most successful masters could win not just medals and cups but to get unique opportunity to take a free part in IX Championship on manicure, modeling and design of nails NailExpo and also to fight for first places in INES's Rating 2013. This year professionals of nail-industry which could take a leading position in INES's Rating can get special prizes from sponsors: 2 certificates from Internet-shop of jewelry "Freya" (25000 rubles) and from professional nail-specialized technique company "Konstanta-Med" (30000 rubles).

INES invites masters of nail-service to take an active part in championship in Yekaterinburg. We are waiting for you; don't lose your chance to become a star of nail-industry!

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